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Anaerobic Workouts Verses Aerobic Workouts

What many people don’t realize is that there are basically two forms of exercise, anaerobic and aerobic sound comparable, however, they’re in fact very different and the debate over which kind of exercise is most beneficial remains.

“Aerobic” actually means in the presence of oxygen. Generally, any exercise which allows oxygen to generate energy via metabolism which is executed at a low to medium intensity for over 90 seconds is typically regarded as an aerobic exercise. Since aerobic exercise raises your need for oxygen and calls for your heart and lungs to function harder, the advantages of aerobic exercise include elevated cardiovascular capacity and a reduction in body fat. The drawbacks of aerobic exercise include a reduction in power, speed, muscle mass, strength and anaerobic capability. Aerobic activity normally requires a longer period of time than anaerobic activity and entails exercises like jogging, walking, swimming and biking.

“Anaerobic” stands for in the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic activity normally refers to any exercise where energy is generated without oxygen and is done at a moderate to high intensity level for under two minutes. Anaerobic activity is exercise which has a lower affect your cardiovascular system and usually lasts for shorter intervals than aerobic activity. Although anaerobic exercise requires an aerobic base, it offers the advantages of a reduction in body fat, a growth in muscle mass and also increased speed, strength and power. Common types of anaerobic activity consist of exercises like lifting weights and sprinting.

Therefore, which kind of exercise is most beneficial? The answer is that in order to reach maximum physical fitness, you need to train to boost your overall performance in both aerobic and anaerobic abilities rather than concentrate your efforts using one kind of activity at the expense of all others. Basically, true fitness is really a compromise of the two.

Even so, many individuals neglect to recognize that by concentrating specifically on extended aerobic or anaerobic training that they might be in fact lowering their overall level of fitness. The ideal solution would be to combine both forms of exercising at varying degrees of intensity and duration. For instance, you may routinely change from higher intensity, short duration to moderate intensity, moderate duration and low intensity, longer duration workouts in order to achieve the benefits from both types of exercise.

The reality is that unless you’re specifically training to be an endurance athlete, you don’t have to train like one, and many exercises that are experienced in sport, work and life really are a mix of aerobic and anaerobic activities flowing together seamlessly.

One final note concerning anaerobic workouts verses aerobic workouts deals with the issue of using a workout supplement (specifically creatine) to help attain better results. Although some workout supplements can be beneficial for either type of exercise, a creatine supplement provides a greater benefit for those engaged in anaerobic activity. Using creatine during aerobic activities won’t produce any negative affects and it may provide minimal gains, however, the largest gains are recognized from shorter, high intensity activities such as sprinting or weight lifting.